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Animated Stamp Tutorial by irinarichards Animated Stamp Tutorial by irinarichards
UPD2: Guys, I really am chuffed that so many people found this tutorial helpful. It came as a total surprise when DA gave me a Daily Deviation for it, and that it has accumulated 55K views. I am surprised and honoured.
However, I think that this tut is now terribly outdated. Hardly anyone uses ImageReady anymore. In this day and age, you can make an animated GIF directly in CS5, online - even in Powerpoint, whatever rocks your boat. If I had time, I could make a CS5 stamp tutorial or something - however, there are some awesome tutorials for that already, so why reinvent the wheel?
I haven't got time to reply to all the comments I get for this deviation, or respond to all the faves - so comments are disabled for now, sorry!
Last but not the least: this tutorial is far from perfect. I don't make stamps anymore. I am a published manga artist, I draw manga and illustrations and do workshops (and have been doing so since 2004, would you believe!). I really am somewhat disappointed that this tutorial got noticed and recognised more than any work that I put my heart and soul into.
So thank you for your interest - and please check out other art in my DA gallery, or on my website

Thanks! Peace and love all around ^^

UPD: If you're having problems with Step 5, this screenshot might help you: [link]

Introducing my first ever tutorial - How to Make an Animated Stamp!

In just 10 simple steps, you'll be able to create wonderful stamps for everyone to see.

Please :+fav: if you found this tutorial helpful. Thank you!

You can also send me links to your stamps, Id love to see what youve created ^_^


Stamp Template: [link] by #stamp-album
Font: Oh Snap [link] by ~ashzstock
Picture: Against My Will [link] by me :)
The actual stamp can be found here: [link]

Daily Deviation

Given 2010-08-19
Animated Stamp Tutorial by =IrinaR -- Suggester's words: Simple, clear steps that help you understand the entire process of stamp-making in less than 10 minutes. I'm very happy this tutorial exists! ( Suggested by TheOtherSarshi and Featured by FantasyStock )
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June 9, 2007
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